(N.B. The entries listed in italics include video clips or links to video clips):

"I couldn't wash his smell away" - Jimmy Savile's great niece
Blacking the names of Adam Boulton, Jeremy Paxman & the American judicial system
Why did the BBC'sDirector General keep nodding in agreement with himself?
Speaking without notes: why watch Miliband or Cameron when you can watch Julia Gillard?
Are members of all our political parties getting older?
Ed Miliband's tour de force
Does Ed Miliband have anything to gain by banging on about which school he went to?
Ed Balls may be a better speaker than he was, but...

A generous audience for Clegg - but why on earth draw attention to it?
Is Vince Cable (BA Cambridge, PhD Glasgow) really a pleb?
A neat contarst wins applause for Obama's talk show point about Romney
Does Mitt Romney's mouth move faster than his brain?
B- for the Duchess of Cambridge's second speech (and/or her PR team)
A silent Hillsborough apology from The Sun's current editor
A classic of barnstormng from Jennifer Granholm, former Governor of Michigan
Mitt Romney's US = Unbearable Smugness

Speeches in a common language for a fistful of voters
Assange speaks out
Great Britain has as many gold medals as the Soviet Union

JULY 2012
All Greek to me: but how much do native speakers gesticulate?

JUNE 2012
Down in the mouth about dental costs?
Treasury lamb to the Paxman slaughter
Aung Sn Suu Kyi joins a distinguished club
Daily Telegraph in two minds about the quality of Jubilee oratory?
High points for Prince Charles for his speech to and on behalf of) his Mummy & Daddy
Royal Familiy planning?

MAY 2012
Chariots of fire and adverts come to Wells
Laughs from Liberal Lords
More reign on its way from Prince Charles
Relaunching the coalition and the cost of Etonian English?
Sarkozy & Hollande both call for 'respect' for each other
Putin, Pomp & Circumcision
Losing words from Clegg, Cameron and Livingstone

APRIL 2012
Obama demonstrates how to time your slides with what you're saying
Another startling interview: "I haven't seen or heard what the PM said, but I agree with it"
The language 'surfacing' from James Murdoch at today's Leveson Inquiry
Are parents of young children fit to run the country?
Evidence that I would not have played cricket for Yorkshire
World exclusive: vintage video of famous cricketers from the 1950s
Tony Blair on masterful form in Newsnight interview with Paxman
The strange sound of North Korean music
Breaking News: Kim Jong-un can read and speak
Militant verb-avoidance in Miliband;s latest speech
Rowan Williams: Emperor, Archbishop or Cambridge academic with no clothes?

MARCH 2012
An orator returns to the House of Commons
Early childhood doubts about becoming a farmer?
Kate makes her first speech as Duchess of Cambridge
Clapping Clegg's condemnation of economically rational behaviour?
WORLD EXCLUSIVE: First English translation of Putin's victory speech
Scripted & unscripted presidential victory speeches: Putin v. Obama

Ed Miliband talks during his own speeches set to music in Labour's latest PPB
News broadcast of speech read out in full for 3 minutes: too much & too inauthentic?
Are all animals right or left handed?
To read or not to read: That is the question for speechwriters - or is it?
Great speakers aren't always great singers
A new Manhattan in the sand?
Gaping models and open-mouthed actors: which can first?
How long-winded is Arabic and how much do its native speakers gesticulate?
UK Businness ommunicator of the year, 2012: Gillian Tett
Is the sound of music on TV getting more and worse?

Speaking of the moon: Gingrich v. Kennedy
Obama's State of the Union speech: (2) Enhanced by PowerPoint?
Obama's State of the Union speech: (a) Behind the scenes with the speechwriters
Birdsong: open-mouthed acting by a male of the species
Is it wise for Ed Miliband to play nakes & ladders with Jon Snow?
The 'John Lewis economy': what to make of today's speech by Nick Clegg?
Britons win gold and silver in transatlantic rowing race: an omen for the Olympics
A gentleman who is for turning: snakes or ladders weekend for Ed Balls
Polish lawyer shoots himself while waiting for Miliband's speech
The 'fluent but insincere and shallow' Kelvin MacKenzie at the Leveson Inquiry
Michael Gove speech sends students to sleep
Interview exit strategies (3): Diane Abbott's mobile phone to the rescue
Putin speechwriting competition result: nepotism rules OK...

Video clips of the month, 2011
Does Nick Clegg's new year message work for you?
More gobbledygook from the Archbishop of Canterbury
Is there still time to learn from a video of yourself speaking to an audence?
Does Ed Miliband's Christmas message to the forces work for you?
Prose for Putin: Christmas speechwriting competition
A blog for all seasons

700th blog post: English and the problem of communicating with foreigners
Baby talk on BBC daytime television
Sepp Blatter lands on a racist snake
Rick Perry and the Spanish InquisitionTV
Presentation tip: beware of flip charts on wheels
Murdoch, the Mafia and the manufacture of a misleading soundbite
Communicator of the Year acceptance speech: Hitchcock or Hogan?
Toastmasters International UK & Ireland: Communicator of the year, 2011
LBJ elected on this day in 1964: underrated president & underrated speaker

TV talk about prices: "£499" = a lot, "4-9-9" = a little
Did Mr Lickley pause for longer than usual at this point in the Tabak trial?
Professional broadcasters should beware of saying "um" and "er"
Effective broadcasters aren't always effective public speakers: the case of Melvyn Bragg
Gaddafi as orator: a life in quotes - with thanks to Al Jazeera
A not very fantastic speech from Dr Fox
Two engaging women speakers from British politics - and two models for powerful women?
Imagery can take us to the frontiers of science - via scissors, generals & sentinels
50 years of Private Eye: a story of retail, rejection & recognition
The End of Simmer - with thanks to Steve Jobs & Flipron
Cameron's too good a speaker to be following Mrs Thatcher into the teleprompter trap
Swim or sink with the president of the European Commission
Osborne finds the Tories more enthusiastic about the coalition than they were a year ago
The snake (interview) that did for Nixon's reputation and the ladder (speech) that saved it

Are Labour's leading women better speakers than Labour's leading men?
Did the BBC change its mind on publicising the snake Miliband landed on yesterday?
Why did Labour members boo and clap when Miliband mentioned Tony Blair?
Stand-up comedy from Ed Milband
Andrew Neil plays snakes & ladders with Ed Balls before picking up a scalpel
Ed Balls surfs applause - but don't expect to see it on primetime TV news
A comic analysis of Nick Clegg's rhetorical questions
Clegg's conference speech: 1 plus and 2 minuses
Politicians & broadcasters in the UK: collaboration or capitulation?
Party conference season PowerPoint prize competition
In praise of Brian Jenner and the UK Speechwriters' Guild
Arabic speakers boo at names too!
What do the Liberal Democrats expect from the 'return' of Dr Death (AKA David Owen)?
Our Masters' Voices then and now
Curtain imagery from Winston Churchill and John Major

Arabic speakers boo at names too!
777: 7 Kindle books, 7 pluses and 7 minuses
Yvette Cooper's precisely timed response to a contrast from Ed Miliband
Words of the week from a bereaved father
Horrible historian David Starkey has also got it in for the Scots, Welsh & Irish
Cameron's "up & running" (twice in 50 seconds)
Long-winded Latin strikes again - and does it also mke people speak louder?
Spectacular holiday snap & video of etna erupting

JULY 2011
What went wrong with BBC Newsnight's latest attempt to involve a studio audience?
Do journalists working for Murdoch feel like Peter Cook's take on working for Beaverbrook?
Murdoch refuses to answer a question about the 'News of the World' on Fox News
News of the World bows out by hacking into George Orwell - and misrepresenting what he said
With video evidence like this from News International, what are the police waiting for?
James Murdoch backs Rebekah Brooks, but not without pausing every 2 seconds
96% of BBC television news of phone-hacking ignored the House of Commons debate
Phone-hacking debate brings speeches back to our TV screens - at least for a few hours
American woman rises to the occasion with a speech on 4th July
Is bronze the best way to commemorate Ronald Reagan?
Ed Miliband lands on a snake

JUNE 2011
Strike News: speeches inside, cameras outside and a reporter gives us a lecture
The Chinese people's premier: Wen Jiabato speaks
Mrs Obama's (borrowed) Soweto message
Ashdown on House of Lords reform: fine speech, but...
Another King's Speech: "Syrian soldiers & security personnel are innocent
The King's Speech - Moroccan style
How many numbers can you get into 20 seconds?
Why do our politicians bother to speak when a press release will do the job?
Cameron on the NHS: 3 priorities (2006) mutate into 5 big things (2011)
Why has British political oratory been banished to the sidelines?
Prime-time television news reading:double act or solo performance?

MAY 2011
'The art of oratory is fast on the way out': at last, some support from a top journalist
Will Blatter's barmy contrast live on to haunt FIFA?
President Obma's speech at Westminster awrded a B-
Will Obama's speech tomorrow match up to Reagan's Westminster masterpiece in 1982?
Body language revisited: tell-tale signs from royal weddings
JFK's top tip for impressing foreign audiences works well for the Queen in Dublin
Televising the Supreme Court: one small step towards a giant leap?
Compromise or betrayal: truth or rhetoric from Paddy Ashdown?
Masterful mood changes in Obama's latest masterpieces on Trump and Bin Laden

APRIL 2011
Standing ovation for a 15 year old: education, education, education revisited?
'Inward clutter' in the Archbishop of Canterbury' Easter sermon
Gordon Brown: teaching, charity work or the adrenalin of power?
Ronald Reagan at 100 by one of his speechwriters
What does a 147 word sentence sound like?

MARCH 2011
Miliband makes a better speech but could do with a better backdrop
Memorable speeches i Berlin revisited
Miliband's naivity of youth strikes again
Berlin revisited
How effective are Sky Newswall presentations?
Cameron's good timing
Results of the defend a doomed dictator speechwriting competition
Could Clegg improve is impact with better speechwriting and rehearsal?
Why I never signed the ThatchCard
What if?
Using video in a presentation: 7 steps to success
Doomed DIctator Twitter Challenge: the sound bite winners
Doomed dictators speechwriting competition: the judges & the speeches

The target audience for a perfect Oscar winner's speech
Defend a doomed dicatator speechwriting competition
Dr Gaddafi comes to the rescue with a real 'tour de force'
Cameron's objections to AV make a powerful case for a more proportional system than AV
Why does the BBC commemorate Richard Dimbleby with a televised lecture?
What could/should be done about Oxbridge in a deal on tuition fees?
In praise of parliamentary rowdiness
The Big Society and the resurrection of guilt-edged philanthropy?
UK Speechwriters' Guild awards: Geoff Burch, Business Communicator of the Year, 2011
You don't need to speak Arabic to tell that Mubarak isn't much of an orator
More 3-part lists and a touch of management speak from Obama on Egypt
Always look on the bright side: the Northern Lights, a cruise and a conversation

Hoping it's "au revoir", Perkins"
50 years since John F Kennedy asked not ... (3) Modelled for the media
50 years since John F Kennedy asked not ... (2) Which lines were noticed on the day?
50 years since John F Kennedy asked not in his inaugural (1) Sounds of silence
NHS threatened with turmoil by Cameron's 3 priorities?
Obama's memorial masterpiece in Arizona
Miliband does will with instant rebuttal + 3 things that Alan Johnson does know
Who says managers can't talk about numbers without using slides?
Labour leadership: form Welsh windbag to Doncaster droner?

Twelve video clips of the month, 2010
England Ashes victories: 2010 & 1953
PowerPoint Christmas circular competition result
Anoraks's Corner: Two Christmas TV speeches
Last minute Daily Telegraph Christmas Quiz
'Telegraph' or 'Sleazygraph': the ethics, uses and results of covertly recorded conversations
What made Brian Hanrahan's famous contrast so memorable?
Christmas Competition, 2010
Orwell Blog Prize 2011: a request for help from readers
Should prime ministers sing songs?
Naughtie's gaffe: C K & U sounds or 'Freudian slippage'?
At the risk of blogging my own trumpet...
Blatter he bureaucrat or Blatter the bully?
WikiLeaks News: Are Vladimir Putin and Vladek Schebal by any chance related?
Child of Thatcher or son of Brown: the power of contrast strikes again

Prince Andrew cool under fire on Sky News - except he wasn't under fire at all!
Ed's weekend Miliramblings
Sarah Palin's North Korean slip of the tongue: what we heard and what we'll make of it
Blueprint for a truly representative House of Lords
Thanks to Margaret Thatcher, 20 years on from her resignation
Prince Charles knew what he said about Camilla becoming Queen was extremely delicate
Was the royal engagement interviewer more nervous than his interviewees?
0% of viewers remember all the points made in a BBC PowerPoint-style news presentation
Will any of this week's student demonstrators get a peerage and an honorary degree?
What happened when a student demonstrator met a former revolutionary in 1968
The cost of PowerPoint presentations wastes the UK economy even more than I thought
A competitor for the US landing card as the most ridiculous questionnaire of all time
Would Monty Python's merchant banker have spent £1 on a poppy?

You can fault Harman's 'ginger rodent' jibe, but you can't fault her rhetoric
Time to redesign poppy collectipn boxes to increase donations to the British Legion
Free tips for speakers from behind the Murdoch paywall
BIGBOARD: Are BBC PowerPoint style news reports going from bad to worse?
BBC Newsnight presentation by Paul Mason, economics editor
Nick Robinson's rage video - and the question of freedom of speech for whom?
Osborne takes a leaf out of Gordon Brown's bluffer's guide to budget speeches
Twittering journalists: the much followed reluctant followers
Clapping out the conference season
Conference season competition results
BIG SOCIETY: little applause
Delayed applause for Cameron's government - from the Conservatives!
Delayed applause, poor speechwriting and delivery strike again in George Osborne's speech
Tories 'Bomb Middle England' - by Banksy
What a peculiar Tory backdrop, Part 2: What do the flags mean?
Delayed applause for William Hague's boast about being in government

'Clap on the name': a practical tip for Ed Miliband and/or his speechwriters
Delayed applause for Ed Miliband's claims on the 'centre ground'
Did David Miliband lose because he was too old and experienced?
Ed Miliband "gets it" in his bid to bond with the brethren
Labour Party leaders' acceptance speeches: Neil Kinnock, 1983; Ed Miliband, 2010
More lessons from Vince Cable's speech
Delayed applause for the coalition in Vince Cable's conference speech
Party Conference season prize competition
Delayed applause at a key point in Nick Clegg's conference speech
'Objects as visual aids': UK Speechwriters' Guild Conference, 2010
"We let it slip" -Governor of the Bank of England
Tony Blair can still deliver - even when it's only a platitude!
Why are there so many novels and histories in the present tense?
US Congress makes UK Prime Minister's Question Time seem very restrained
The most extraordinary speech I've ever seen!
20th 'LibDem' blog in the 2010 Total Politics poll
Sky News Labour leadership debate: how much can you say in 20 secnds?
How many corporate birds can you kill with one PowerPoint presentation?
Ed Miliband: 'no return to the 'tyranny of New Labour or the tyranny of Old Labour'

Mandelson v.E. Miliband - and does the noble lord read (& borrow from) my blog?
Rattling good tunes
70th anniversary of the Battle of Britain: speeches by Churchill & Roosevelt
Body language on BBC Radio 4's 'Word of Mouth'
Fact & fiction about body language 3: Do movement & gestures distract?
Fact & fiction about body language 2: Does it matter what you wear or where you stand?
Fact & fiction about body language 1: Folded arms, defensiveness and the Mehrabian myth
Legal gobbledygook & a lesson in US history
If you can't remember Vince Cable's best lines. nor can he!
Go back to your constituencies and prepare for government
Another example where 100% of communication is 'non-verbal'
Misspeaking, mistaken and misleading
600 blogposts: thanks, reflections and requests
Gordon Brown's book of speeches
Davos meets Glastonbury: The UK Speechwriters' Guild Conference

JULY 2010
Memoirs. bloody memoirs!
Can Labour afford to back the Ed Milibandwagon?
Another chance to compare the Labour leadership candidates' communication skills
Listen with mother Mandy: monarch-maker, Maggie-mimic or megalomaniac?
Former MP puts Horse Manure House on the market for £1.5 million
Compare BBC interviews with Labour leadership candidates in ascending order of height
Good news from the BBC's revamped website: Mandelson embedded!
Fidel Castro's oratory
Bad manners from Blatter as he bags limelight to present the World Cup
The rise of Chomsky and the fall of grammar
Rhetoric, neutrality and controversy in the Queen's speech to the United Nations
Crisis management PR: important lessons from an interview on the BP oil disaster

JUNE 2010
Welcome to the USA!
Is the US landing card the most ridiculous questionnaire of all time?
Where can you get a backwards-pointing baseball cap?
Harriet Harman's reply to today's budget: not bad but still room for improvement
World Cup referee treats 100% of a player's communication as 'non-verbal'
World Cup football: Germany v. Greece
Time to level the playing field by moving the goal posts
Ethnic cleansing beyond the grave in former Yugoslavia
INTERLUDE: Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible
Cameron's prime-ministerial debut at PMQ and his choice of a worrying adverb

MAY 2010
Michael Gove: calling all teachers, governors and parents
A model resignation speech by David Laws
Academies, academies academies: Michale Gove's 3 Rs?
Why Black Rod knocks 3 times & why pintless rituals aren't always as pointless as they seem
Is Nick Robinson pompous and patronising - and if so, why?
Hillary Clinton warns North Korea of 'consequences' (again)
Labour leadership: "Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the most bourgeois of us all?"
Labour leadership candidates share the same hymn sheet, the same speechwriter or the same fear?
A solution to the pressing neeed for a new Tory logo
David Miliband trips up on the teleprompter
Another packet of mustard powder from Lord Triesman
It was Brown's last minute speeches wot might have won it - if only he'd done it sooner
Miliband the younger speaks of Miliband the elder
How UKIP's dodgy dealings helped to defeat horse manure expenses MP
Constitutional change will depend on architectural change
Exit poll denial (and a handy tip for pollsters)
Election day and the joy of voting
Election Night 1992: "the Conservatives have lost their overall majority" - Gordon Brown
Likewarm support for Brown from cabinet minsters during his speech yesterday?
At last: the first sign of passion and audience excitement in an election speech
Anti-Brown & pro-Cameron bias in Dimbleby's repetition of TV debate questions?
BBC website provides a superb resource for students of the TV debates
The Art of the Public Address
Cutaways as the nearest thing to applause in the TV debates

APRIL 2010
More PowerPoint election 'news' from the BBC
Brown speaks and the BBC doesn't tell you what he says
Local election news: is the horse manure coming home to roost?
The day Mandelson assumed that the TV debates (& election) would be two-sided
Is the TV debate ban on applause holding up because we're obsessed with following rules?
Will the first leader to break down the ban on applause be declared the night's winner?
Silent speeches by party leaders: the wallpaper of television news coverage
How did Sky News become the LibDems of the TV debate broadcasters?
The problem for two opponents in three-sided TV debates
What's wrong with a 'hung parliament' if that's what the electorate votes for?
Did the TV debaters tell too many stories?
The 76 rules of engagement for the TV debates - and a competition to keep you awake
Before we watch the debates, has anyone seen or heard any proper speeches yet?
Half a century of skiing
Is James Naughtie the most long-winded interviewer in broadcasting history?
Perfect book for April Fools Day: 300 pages of Gordon Brown's speeches

MARCH 2010
Blair speaks and the BBC tells you what he said
Vince Cable shows how 'Yah-boo politics' can win victories for LibDems
Budget eve message from Alistair Dariling at the crossroads
The swinging ball of death: another example of using objects as visual aids
Media News: a decision is not going to be made
Using 'clap on the name' to introduce a speaker
How NOT to introduce a speaker
Brown may plan to 'keep going' but Mrs Thatcher never said she'd go 'on and on and on'
Nick Clegg defies Rory Bremner (and me)
Sales, showbiz and speaking
Murder most foul: story-telling in conversation
How to prepare a televised speech, Part (3): clothes, voice, face & furnishings
Someone else has noticed the obsession with graphics on BBC news programmes
BBC Radio 5 Live interview on the TV election debates
Michael Foot's memorable oratory
How to prepare a televised speech, Part (2): script, statistics & teleprompter
St. Dave's Day competition (Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Sant cystadleuaeth)

Time the Tories learnt from Mrs Thatcher's stage managers
Bleak news from the bush: Kenya one year later
How to prepare a televised speech, Part (1): appearance, posture & content
Bleak news from the bush: Kenya one year later
30th anniversary of 'Yes Minister' - and a top tip for public speakers
PM apologises!
The 'snakes & ladders' theory of political communication strikes again
Did 'The Godfather' feature the longest pause and most blatant lie in the history of movies?
BAFTA award winners' speeches
You can't judge what's in Nelson Mandela's book by its cover
A weep in politics
Gordon Brown's dirty dozen (as confessed to Piers Morgan)
Why does 'The Times' think Brown's interview has 'eroded the dignity of his office?
Piers Morgan interviews Gordon Brown: shades of Michael Aspel & Margaret Thatcher?
Nelson Mandela's speech on the day he was released from prison
You can't judge a book by its cover
Business Communicator of the Year 2010
Snakes, ladders and the folly of Q-A campaigning
The day when Mrs Thatcher apologised (twice) for what she said in an interview
Nobel Prize for Economics (& Atkinson Award for Imagery): Joseph Stiglitz
Televised debates about televised debates really would be worth watching
New Statesman on political speeches and speechwriting
Translation News: Выступать легко: Все, что вам нужно знать о речах и презентациях
Ronald Reagan's master class on how to cope when the teleprompter lets you down
400th post: Oratory and the Sound of Music
Claptrap the movie (revisited)

Rare video clip of a politician giving 5 straight answers to 5 consecutive questions
The best awards ceremony acceptance speech?
TV Debate Claptrap: a warning to those cooking up rules for the leaders’ debates
Senator Scott Brown shows hw to use a newspaper as a visual aid
Will the 2010 UK general election be the first one to leave us speechless?
Blogger video bug news (i.e. none)
Blogger video problem
Martin Luther King Day – and a reminder of how to use rhetoric to convey passion
Date and Scrabble dictionaries as inspirational aids to speechwriters
Some of us are still waiting for an apology – for Gordon Brown’s raid on pensions
Vowels, voters and the voice of authenticity: the leadership case for Andy Burnham
Political speeches can still make a big difference – like changing the date of an election
Andy Burnham declares his candidacy for the Labour leadership
Let there be love’ – a case of mistaken identity
Two more straight answers from Mandelson – about failed coups and the PM’s rages
Brown & Harman: cabinet makers!
Mandelson gives two straight answers to two of Paxman’s questions!
Gordon Brown’s plotting comes home to roost again
Do interviews ever deliver anything but bad news for politicians and boredom for audiences?
New year reviews: 8 reasons for buying one of my books

Putin’s putrid prose
Happy Christmas to all my readers – regardless of language & gestures!
Linguistic differences & non-verbal behavior: the mysterious case of gestures
Christmas circulars and the rise of undisciplined writing in the digital age
Why does a government department force visitors to watch Sky News in silence?
Financial regulators were ‘party poopers’
Dr Cable’s ‘medical’ diagnosis of our economic problems
The Orwell Award 2010: Request for help from readers

    Steve Jobs shows how to time the changing of slides in a presentation (and how not to)
    Speechwriters’ Christmas drinks & a speech worth watching

    NOVEMBER 2009
    Dubai: the beginning of the end of feudalism?
    Sounds of silence
    Christmas competition: what did Santa say before ‘Ho-ho-ho’?
    Authors versus publishers in the digital age
    Hypnotic eyes
    The enormity of my debt to Tony Benn – without whom …
    An example of rhetorical virtuosity from rhetoric denier Tony Benn
    Rhetorical denial and the mysterious case of Tony Benn
    Road signs of the week
    Brain drain again?
    Claptrap 10: Academic acclaim?
    Carnival time in Somerset
    Basil’s book launch
    Attacking a politician’s spelling and handwriting: fair play or dirty trick?
    ‘Here today, gone tomorrow’ politician walks out of interview with Robin Day
    The day Mandelson walked out of an interview rather than answer a question about Gordon Brown
        Does your credibility improve when you admit ignorance?
        Another classic TV interview (with Gerald the Gorilla)

        OCTOBER 2009
        Whom are we not remembering with our poppies?
        Tips for new bloggers
        Question Time as entertainment: the Not the Nine O’clock News version
        Why isn’t Question Time as entertaining as it used to be?
        Claptrap 9: Broadcasters’ bile and SDP sulks
        Question Time wooden spoon: Jack Straw
        Don’t put the clocks back (again)
        How rhetorical techniques work: an example from last night’s Question Time
        How often do politicians watch television?
        Steve Jobs shows how to use an object as a visual aid
        A voting system where everyone gets what no one wants
        Churchill’s perfect timing of his ‘iron curtain’ gesture
        The ‘iron curtain descended from Russia via Goebbels to Churchill
        Just who does Lord Adonis think he is?
        Noble noses in the trough
        Contrasting reactions to Cameron’s ‘poverty moment’
        Claptrap 8: Sparks in the background
        Claptrap 7: On location
        UK Speechwriters’ Guild conference video
        Think twice before you read or write
        Words really do matter: Majorspeak revisited
        Monty Python’s take on the expenses scandal
        An important but elusive asset for British political party leaders
        Who were represented by the UK’s political parties 50 years ago?
        Surfing applause was Cameron’s high spot too
        Cameron’s conference speech high spot: standing ovation for ‘surfing applause’
        Cameron’s conference sound bite: ‘compassionate conservatism’
        I was wrong about Cameron looking at screens
        Tory PR on the eve of Cameron’s speech: gaffe pr master stroke?
        George Osborne + Chris Grayling = Geoffrey Howe
        Does YouTube oppose the Tories and support UKIP?
        The barmy Tory backdrop disappears & reappears
        What a peculiar Tory conference backdrop
        Surely it’s time someone coached Cameron to use a teleprompter
        Boris Johnson’s funny bits
        Claptrap 6: An offer I couldn’t refuse
        Reading between the lines of ‘Labour Vision’
        What do Harriet Harman and Sybil Fawlty have in common?
        The hateful Daily Mail

        SEPTEMBER 2009
        Gordon Brown on the morning after the night before
        Gordon Brown: The way he told them
        Brown surfs applause (briefly) before reverting to type
        Was it Mandelson’s self-deprecating humour that won the day for him
        If Mandelson has to struggle to win applause, what are the Labour Party faithful saying?
        Why doesn’t anyone warn politicians about becoming autocue automatons?
        Gordon Brown goes walkabout (again)
        Anniversary of a year of blogging
        Why are there so many quotations on Twitter?
        Methinks Labour doth protest/spin too much
        What’s wrong with saying “Hi”?
          The TUC, where ‘fings aint wot they used to be’
          Einstein ‘chalk & talk’ competition results
          Pre-conference season conference
          Claptrap 4: How to get a book published
          Should the BBC be encouraging people to surf the net during work time?
          Claptrap 3: News leaks out of the lecture theatre
          Einstein ‘chalk & talk’ competition reminder
          Claptrap 2: Eureka!
          Claptrap 1: The movie
          TRAILER: Claptrap – the movie
          Is this blog ‘LibDem’ or ‘non-aligned’?
          Blog award from Total Politics

          AUGUST 2009
          Obama on Kennedy got more applause than ‘normal’
          Tabloid tirade about Ted Kennedy from the Daily Mail
          PowerPoint on BBC Radio Scotland
          Joe Biden’s moving tribute to Edward Kennedy
          The Banksy exhibition at Bristol Museum
          Einstein ‘chalk & talk’ competition
          On the death of Edward Kennedy: “the dream shall never die”
          What’s ‘news’ about Gordon Brown not answering a question?
          Mehrabian’s moans about the myth
          Verdict after four weeks on Twitter
            A Nobel prize winner’s view on slides versus ‘chalk & talk’
            PowerPoint and the demise of Chalk & Talk: (3) Glimmers of hope
            PowerPoint and the demise of Chalk & Talk: (2) The lost art
            PowerPoint and the demise of Chalk & Talk: (1) The beginning of the end
            Body Language news from Germany
            Dreaming of sex costs the nation £7.8bn a year: the cost of boring presentations
            No smoke without ire
            Mrs Clinton’s gem for interview collectors
            Observing England’s cricket team in the face of defeat
            Guardian ahead of record?
            PowerPoint program on BBC Radio 4
            To be or not to be: a question for individuals or the state?
            BBC plug-a-book show slot for aging new left author

            JULY 2009
            Thatcher had more teleprompter troubles than Obama
            Jargon & gobbledygook refresher course
            How many numbers can you get into a minute?
            Will The Times be investigating Lord Rees-Mogg’s House of Lords expenses?
            Why is the MoD involved in planning Harry Patch’s funeral?
            Clarke has more to say about Brown than a few weeks ago
            Book plugging news
            Why doesn’t Amazon have a Spanish site?
            Media debilitated by swine flu news pandemic
            More standup comedy from Gordon Brown
            Standing ovation for Gordon Brown after anecdotes about Reagan, Cicero and Demosthenes
            Gordon Brown’s tough decisions and/or rehearsal for defeat
            White paint, red lights and fuel conservation
            Are you ahead of reading this post?
            Nudging in a more enlightened direction
              Puzzle-Solution formats
              BBC rediscovers the 'Lost Art of Oratory' (again)
              Welcome to visitors from the BBC website
              D-Day memorabilia from Normandy to Lüneburg
              More on body language & non-verbal behavior
              Guinea pigs
              Non-verbal communication
              A commentator likely to keep his job
              Non-verbal communication and height
              Welcome to visitors from the BBC website
              How to use video to study body language, verbal & non-verbal communication
              Is the 'Daily Telegraph' borrowing from blogs?
              More bad news for Gordon Brown
              Translation and fantasies of global domination
              Pious and expensive twaddle from strong man Straw
              There’s no such thing as a boring subject

              JUNE 2009
              Monty Python, conversation and turn-taking
              Margaret Thatcher, body language and non-verbal communication
              NLP: No Linguistic Proof
              Body language and non-verbal communication video
              The 250 posts landmark
              Another body language & non-verbal communication cartoon
              'Check against delivery'
              Body language, non-verbal communication and the myth about folded arms & defensiveness
              Another expenses dilemma
              The urgent need for EU directives on tea-making and lunch times
              Imagery worthy of Obama in speech by the Governor of the Bank of England
              News on BBC radio is sometimes very good indeed
              Dudley Moore’s ‘Little Miss Muffet’ by Benjamin Britten
              BBC Television News slideshow Quiz
              No flies on Obama!
              ‘Sound-formed errors’ and humour
              BBC Television News informs, educates and entertains without slides!
              Politician answers a question: an exception that proves the rule
              Combining rhetoric and imagery to get your point across
              Did the MP's manure come by appointment?
              Interview techniques, politicians and how we judge them
              Banksy officially on show in Bristol
              Is the media no longer interested in what goes on in parliament?
              “Labour’s not for turning” – Peter Hain
              Presidential heights
              Why it suited Brown and Blair to take House of Lords reform no further
              Monty Python’s Election Night Special
              Euro-election coverage: was the BBC’s graphical overkill a violation of its charter?
              Lord Mandelspin strikes again
              Brown does a better job than Obama at the 65th anniversary of D-Day
              How Caroline Flint gave the game away about expecting a post in the cabinet
              Gordon Brown’s honesty about the death of New Labour
              D-Day 65th Anniversary (2): a reminder for Sarkozy and a challenge for Obama
              D-Day 65th Anniversary: (1) A British soldier returns to Gold Beach
              The end of free speech?
              Obama: Echoes of Berlin in Cairo
              Inspiring speech for polling day by Peter Sellers
              Pre-delicate hitches from the White House
              Body language and non-verbal communication
              'Pre-delicate hitches' from Brown as he avoids answering a question about the Queen
              The end of the beginning
              How NOT to use PowerPoint
              Why has Gordon Brown become a regular on the Today programme?

              MAY 2009
              BLOG INDEX: Sept 2008-May 2009
              Ronald Reagan's moving tribute on the 40th anniversary of D Day
              Driving a car can make you look younger than you really are
              Planning to say 'um' and 'uh'
              The ‘delicacy’ of Mrs Clinton’s ‘consequences’ for North Korea
              Clinton on North Korea: "There are consequences to such actions"
              Judge Sonia Sotomayor’s Oscar acceptance speech
              Obama’s nomination of Judge Sotomayor received five times more applause than ‘normal’
              Two tips for David Cameron after today’s speech on political change
              Bishops' attendance rates and allowances in the House of Lords
              Climbing out of the manure?
              Since when were Archbishops experts on democracy?
              Disputing the meaning of applause
              House of Lords expenses: Lord Rees-Mogg on gravy trains
              House of Lords expenses
              Goodbye from Mr Speaker
              What a fine Speaker!
              What a poor speaker!
              Sky Sports swindle
              Is the MPs' expenses scandal a hidden legacy of Thatcherism?
              Rhetoric wins applause for questioners on BBC Question Time
              Applause for Dimbleby's questions on BBC Question Time
              The liveliest Question Time ever?
              Why it's so easy for politicians not to answer interviewers' questions - and what should be done about it
              MPs expenses claims merely reflect British attitudes towards home ownership
              Well, well Wells!
              A prime minister who openly refused to answer an interviewer’s questions
              UK Speechwriters' Guild
              Gordon Brown's interview technique: the tip of a tedious iceberg
              Eye contact, public speaking and the case of President Zuma
              Notes from a large continent
              Are there more longer words in American English than in British English?
              Virgin mile-high poetry

              APRIL 2009
              The Turnip Prize
              What’s the difference between a flu 'pandemic' and a flu 'epidemic'?
              Oxford professor models jeans
              A great source of videos for anyone interested in speaking and presentation
              A Tory leader's three evasive answers to the same question
              Jobsworthy News: Council official to walk along a path that doesn’t exist
              Was Kenneth in Wallanderland worth a BAFTA?
              A Labour leader with no interest in spin!
              David Cameron's attack on the Budget used some well-crafted rhetoric
              Gordon Brown seems to agree that Labour is ‘savage’ and ‘inhuman’?
              Poems for St George's Day
              Inspiring banking imagery for Budget day from Martin Luther King
              Budget speech boredom and television news tedium
              When the young Paddy Ashdown surprised himself by the power of his own rhetoric
              Obama’s rhetoric identifies with Martin Luther King but appeals to a wider audience
              A day when LibDems cheered at being told they all read a broadsheet newspaper
              Time for Gordon Brown to say "sorry" to savers
              Burnham, Kinnock and the danger of speaking in a sports stadium
              Derek Draper – another psycho-therapist who talks too much and listens too little?
              A smear that never was
              Derek Draper breaks a basic rule of conversation
              Gordon Brown’s G20 address ignores an important tip from Winston Churchill
              Is there an open-mouthed school of acting?

              MARCH 2009
              Gordon Brown is finding the Jacqui Smith expenses story more ‘delicate’ than he says
              ‘The Lost Art of Oratory’ by a BBC executive who helped to lose it in the first place
              • Another Tory speech that marked the beginning of the end for a prime minister
              Rhetorical techniques and imagery in Hannan’s attack on Brown – edited highlights
              Did the media ignore Hannan because they think speeches are bad television?
              Does Daniel Hannan’s attack on Brown tell us what makes a speech memorable?
              UK media slowly wakes up to Daniel Hannan’s speech
              Media Coverage of Daniel Hannan’s attack on Gordon Brown
              It’s time Brown stopped recycling other people’s lines
              Daniel Hannan v. Gordon Brown at the European Parliament
              Jargon and gobbledygook comedy sketch
              Check the fixtures and fittings before you speak
              Why haven't the Lib Dems learnt from Obama’s use of the internet?
              If Bill Gates doesn’t read bullet points from PowerPoint slides ...
              An imaginative innovation in a PowerPoint presentation?
              ‘From Stalin to Mr Bean’: putting two parts of a contrast in the right order
              How to improve impact by sequence, repetition and a rhetorical technique
              Brown’s ‘poetry’ heads up news of his speech to Congress
              Unexpected poetry in Gordon Brown's speech to the US Congress
              The Gettysburg Powerpoint Presentation
              Gordon Brown’s model example of how to express condolences

              FEBRUARY 2009
              PowerPoint presentation continues to dominate BBC News – courtesy Robert Peston (again)
              The ‘magic’ of Oscar acceptance speeches
              Does Mrs Clinton really know someone everywhere she goes?
              Personality cult as an antidote to tribalism?
              Kenya holiday reading

              JANUARY 2009
              • Interlude: normal service will be resumed as soon as possible
              Mirror, mirror on the wall, whose is the fairest democracy of all?
              Rhetoric and imagery in President Obama’s inauguration speech
              The good news from the House of Lords
              Memorable lines in President Obama's inaugural speech?
              The great camcorder con-trick
              Obama’s inauguration rhetoric won approval for some uncomfortable messages
              Rhetoric and applause in Obama’s inaugural speech as a measure of what the audience liked best
              A line I don't want to hear in today's speech by President Obama
              The enduring challenge and importance of funeral orations
              Has talking the economy down become a dangerous self-fulfilling prophesy?
              Kate Winslet ignores Paul Hogan’s advice to award winners
              Slidomania contaminates another BBC channel
              How would Obama's rhetoric and oratory sound from a London back street?
              Clinton, Palin and the legacy of Margaret Thatcher
              Margaret Thatcher and the evolution of charismatic woman: PART III The education of a female orator
              Margaret Thatcher and the evolution of charismatic woman: PART II ‘The Iron Lady’
              Margaret Thatcher and the evolution of charismatic woman: Part I Cultural & vocal challenges
              “May we bring hope” – 30 years since Margaret Thatcher took office as prime minister

              DECEMBER 2008
              Ready made words for Mr Obama from a previous president’s inaugural speech
              Neutrality in the Queen’s Christmas speech
              What did Santa say before “Ho, ho ho!”
              You don’t have to be Barack Obama to use rhetoric and imagery
              High-risk practical joke for an office Christmas party speech
              End of year poll on PowerPoint presentations
              Obama’s rhetoric renews UK media interest in the ‘lost art’ of oratory
              Gordon’s gaffe explained
              The Office Christmas Party Speech: roads to failure and success
              The Queen's Speech, 2008
              Rhetoric, oratory and Barack Obama's 'The Speech', 2004
              "There's nothing wrong with PowerPoint - until there's an audience"
              What’s in a place name?

              NOVEMBER 2008
              Content-free sermon by Alan Bennett
              50 years since Peter Sellers recorded his memorable political speech
              Talking the economy up
              Talking the economy down
              Why lists of three: mystery, magic or reason?
              Tom Peters: High on rhetoric but low on content?
              Bobby Kennedy nearly got it right about Obama
              ‘Reliable sources' on where Obama’s 'Yes we can' came from
              Will there be any ‘rhetorical denial’ from the Obama camp?
              The Queen’s Speech: an exception that proves the ruler
              Rhetoric & imagery in Obama's victory speech
              Not Clinton, not McCain but Obama
              How the BBC handled one complaint about Ross

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