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This is based on the principle that ‘the audience is always right’ and that effectiveness can only be developed on the basis of a sound knowledge and understanding of research into what audiences like and dislike about speeches and presentations.

1. Introduction: Audience Attentiveness & the Language of the Spoken Word

Everyone knows from their own experience that audiences often find it difficult to stay awake. This session shows how this is because there are fundamental differences between the language of presentation and two much more familiar forms of communication, namely conversation and the language of the written word. The main points are illustrated by asking you to analyse and critique a videotaped excerpt from an actual speech. 

2. Getting Points Across with Maximum Impact

How a message is phrased can make an immense difference to the impact it has on an audience. Here we look at short video clips of top politicians in action that illustrate the main rhetorical devices they use to trigger applause during political speeches. We also look at examples of managers using the same techniques in business presentations.

3. Creative Exercise

An opportunity for you to put the principles into practice by redrafting a bland statement to make it sound more punchy/memorable.

4. Death from 1,000 Slides

Standing next to a projector, putting on one slide after another, has become the ‘industry standard model’ of presentation. Although widely taught as good practice, our research shows that it is widely disliked by audiences. This session looks at how audiences react to different types of visual aid.

5. Structure and Preparation

written, or notes for ones planned for the near future.example, they might like to bring along any speeches they feel could have been better written, or notes for ones planned for the near future.

Why structure matters to an audience; structure as sequence; using brainstorming to organise content; layout and the importance of ‘reader-friendly’ scripts.

6. Putting Principles into Practice

A series of practical exercises, in which you prepare short scripts and receive feedback and comment on the results.

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